FOOD Cluster

About FOOD Cluster initiative

This activity is initiated by DG RTD-B.4 Regions of Knowledge and Research Potential aiming to create a more complete EU network of Regions with ambitions in Food.

Cooperating, ambitious Food regions can learn from each other, strengthen the EU Food research area and can increase the competitive advantage of the EU by building interregional projects on an EU level based on regional strengths. Moving towards this increased European coverage will involve joining EU “hotspots” of food clusters, learning each others strengths and weaknesses, defining regional strategies, investing in the strengths through integral use of national and regional funding (FP7/CIP/SF etc.) as a basis for establishing EU consortia founded on regional strengths in Food science – in fact building the ERA in Food.”

The successful performance of FINE (Fine Innovation Network Europe) project within FP6 is the starting point to achieve the above mentioned ambitions. FINE is expanded and embraces FP7 Food projects thereby creating a European Food Cluster. Research and innovation are essential in addressing the major issues facing the EU and keeping economic growth, social responsibility and sustainable development. The formation of regional clusters is often a key to success in the promotion of R&D and innovation. A region’s economic performance is dependent on the capacity of decision makers and entrepreneurs turning knowledge and competencies into competitive advantage. The European Food Cluster initiative performs that approach.

It consists of 31 European regions with similarities and at the same time with differences in food culture traditions, economic and political conditions, climate conditions etc.. Representatives of 20 countries around Europe within 12 projects are included and new members are incorporated – it is an open network, regions and projects working on food research are welcomed to join. The participating projects are:


2. raf regions RAF-REGIONS

3. feed to food FEED-TO-FOOD


5. balt food qual BALTFOODQUAL

6. EU balkan vegetables EU-BALKANVEGETABLES

7. safe techno pack SAFETechnoPACK

8. agforise AGFORISE




12. real REAL

Performed initiatives of European Food Cluster

2nd official meeting of the FOOD-CLUSTER 15-16 September 2008, Brussels

Participation at European Week of Regions and Cities,6-9 October, 2008,Brussels,

3rd official meeting of the FOOD-CLUSTER; CONNECTING EUROPEAN FOOD CLUSTERS; 23 – 24 – 25 February 2009 Mersin, Turkey

Participation in Research Connection 2009; A major event on EU research initiatives; 7-8 May 2009, Prague, Czech Republic

Future initiatives of European Food Cluster

4th official meeting of the FOOD-CLUSTER 7, 8 & 9 October 2009, Wageningen, The Netherlands


BALKAN LINKAGE - Second Meeting - Agenda


23 – 24 April 2012
in Plovdiv – Bulgaria

at Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute,
32 Brezovsko shosse Str.
Conference room


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BALKAN LINKAGE - Second Meeting


23 – 24 April 2012
in Plovdiv – Bulgaria

at Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute,
32 Brezovsko shosse Str.
Conference room


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Demonstrative Pilot Project "Plovdivska karotina"


Presentation of tomato juice „Plovdivska karotina” was carried out on 29.11. 2011 in conference room of the Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute (VCRI). The meeting was attended by representatives from Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Plovdiv Chamber of Agriculture, “Rhodope” Municipality, colleagues from Maritsa VCRI, Agricultural University – Plovdiv, University of Food Technology, Food Research and Development Institute, Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, as well business representatives.


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What happen at the kick-off meeting of Balkan Linkage


The first meeting of the participants in the Balkan Network for Vegetable Crops took place on July 5 and 6, 2010 in Maritsa Vegetable Research Institute, Plovdiv under the auspices of the EU-BALKANVEGETABLES Project. Leading researchers in the field of vegetables attended the event.


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Kick-off meeting for activation of Balkan Linkage


Kick-off meeting for activation of Balkan Linkage will be organized in July 5-6 2010 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria under the auspices of EU-BALKANVEGETABLES project. Leading Balkan researchers in vegetable science are invited to take part in the forum for sharing their own professional experience and current problems.


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