Dr. Carole Caranta, INRA, Genetics and Breeding of Fruits and Vegetables, Montfavet, France

Topic of lectures:
- Genetics of plant virus resistance
- Functional aspects/properties of natural virus resistance genes
- Breeding and management of virus resistance durability (with detailed examples on pepper and tomato)

Audience: Students from Agrarian University, Plovdiv; scientists from Institute for Plant Genetic Resources, Sadovo, Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute, Plovdiv and visiting scientists from Institute for Vegetable Crops, Smederevska Palanka, Serbia

Most significant results:
1.Discussion of future collaborative program
2. Discussion of short term training program of young scientist from Maritsa VCRI at INRA
3. Dissemination of lectures electronically (english and bulgarian versions) to the participants